Celebrity Sudhir with his stunning transformation after PRP treatment

Indian actor Sudhir, one of my sophisticated client is very happy and satisfied after PRP treatment for his hair.
Wishing him all the best for his career & may he invade the whole fashion industry with his stunning look.

Being in the fashion industry, looks are so important. More opportunities will come to you once you have a stunning transformation. In the case of my precious client, Actor Sudhir, his transformation was really stunning and it helped him get major roles. Now as you can see, his hair is looking so thick and awesome. This is not a magic but the effectiveness of PRP treatment or Plasma Rich Platelet treatment. I am really happy that I am one of the reasons for their transformation and through which they can grab more heights in their career.

The major concerns like uncontrolled hair loss, early wrinkles, etc can be solved by a cosmetologist. Uncontrolled hair loss is a serious issue and can result in loss of self-esteem. A long-term and safest method adopted by a cosmetologist or dermatologist is the PRP treatment.
In PRP treatment or platelet-rich-plasma, the growth factors in platelets are utilized for hair growth treatments. The platelets in the blood are clotting agents and also contains growth factor proteins. The blood collected from the patient body is centrifuged to separate platelet-rich plasma from red and white blood cells. This is injected onto the scalp of the patient which triggers natural hair growth. This treatment is administered to the patient once every month and must be continued for 6 months.
PRP treatment is utilized in facial rejuvenation to counter pigmentation, collagen growth, remove dull tone etc. A cosmetologist administers the injection on your face and this procedure has no side-effects or allergy as the solution is your platelet itself. Consulting a cosmetologist or a dermatologist with specialization in Cosmetology is suggested for improving or solving your cosmetic issues.

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