Top 3 Cosmetologists in Kochi

A cosmetologist is a person who takes comprehensive care of your skin, hair, and nails. He knows perfectly what your body actually requires. How can it be transformed magnificently? And healthy. Dr. Shibu Mohammed is the first name in the list of top 3 cosmetologists in Kochi. He is the chairman and one of the founders of Fascia SVSM Health Care. It is the largest cosmetology network in Kerala. 


Dr. Shibu Mohammed


Dr. Shibu Mohammed is the most reputed cosmetologist and dermatologist in Kochi. He occupies the top position in the list of top 3 cosmetologists in Kochi. Coming from a family of doctors from his childhood itself he has developed a passion and dedication towards the medical field. Finishing his MBBS in Kerala, he decided to do a specialization in dermatology. He has worked as a dermatologist in Pushpagiri hospital, Kerala for a few years. He then relocated to UAE and was working as a consultant dermatologist in Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Muscat, Oman. Later, he understood the need for specialized and efficient treatment in Cosmetology in Kerala. Fascia SVSM Health Care is actually the prime result of that thought. 



Dr. Shibu Mohammed has got an impressive academic background. The meritorious achievements he has made are admirable. He did specialization in Cosmetology, laser treatment, hair transplantation. Dr. Shibu Mohammed holds numerous fellowships from various reputed universities across the globe among which one of the most notable ones is the 3-year fellowship from the University of Miami in Botox, Fillers, and Lasers. He has got a 3 years fellowship in dermatosurgery at Sheffield Hallam University, the U.K. In addition, he has done a 3 years fellow program at Nishi Nov go grad state of the university, Russia. Being a responsible doctor he understood the growing demand for an expert dermatology and cosmetology solution. He was successful enough to deliver what people actually desired. Currently, he is the Managing Director & H.O.D cosmetology & dermatology department at Fascia SVSM Health Care, Kochi. 


Being listed first in the list of top 3 cosmetologists in Kochi, Dr. Shibu Mohammed is the best option you could prefer. Get associated with Fascia SVSM Health Care to experience exceptional cure to your needs. 


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