Best Dermatology practises for unusual skin diseases like Peeling Skin Syndrome

Only the best Dermatologist can perform the best diagnosis and treatment for certain rare skin diseases like Peeling Skin syndrome. Dr Shibu Mohammed one of the best dermatologists in Kochi has expertise in treating any kind of chronic skin diseases and his valuable fellowships and deep knowledge in dermatology is a true benefit for the patients. Peeling syndrome is a rare skin disease, which is believed to be inherited.

The symptoms of this include painless, spontaneous and continual peeling of the skin. The outer skin gets separated from underlying layers. Sometimes there can be reddening of the skin and blistering. A person may start showing the symptoms sometimes in childhood or may be present from birth. The cause of this issue is reported as genetic changes. A dermatologist may diagnose it by performing a biopsy or other blood tests. Patients who have similar symptoms can confidently consult Dr Shibu Mohammed, the dermatologist in Kochi. Get the best treatment.

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