What is Vitiligo ? | എന്താണ് വിറ്റിലിഗോ അഥവാ വെള്ള പാണ്ട് ?

What is Vitiligo ?

Best Vitiligo Treatment in Kochi ?

June 25th is considered World Vitiligo Day. The day was chosen in remembrance of Michael Jackson who suffered from Vitiligo for years and died on the same day. The pigments of the skin affected become white and usually have sharp margins. The hair from the skin may also become white. It is indeed vital to provide awareness for this skin condition as many fear it is infectious or contagious.

Along with proper awareness, proper treatment is also necessary to effectively deal with Vitiligo. We, Offering the best Vitiligo treatment in Kochi we are being the part of a change.


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