Dermatologist says think before you color your hair!! Side-effects of hair coloring

Coloring hair has been the trendiest makeover once and now it has become common. It is true that you will get a trendy and fresh look after coloring your hair in your favorite color. But at the same time coloring your hair has dangerous ill-effects on your health as a whole. But the fact is that even after knowing the side-effects, people are still after this. As a dermatologist and hair treatment specialist, I have come across many cases that clearly states the side-effects of hair coloring. Thus we are here to discuss ‘is it safe to color your hair’?

Coloring your hair is not at all safe as it is equal to damaging your hair. In the process, the natural pigments of the hair are damaged and re-colored with another pigment. The chemicals used in the process damages your hair as a whole whose effects are seen later only. Coloring is fine but you need to be careful not to overdo this process. Let’s see what are the side-effects.

1. Chemical Effects
In the hair coloring process, you will come across chemicals like Peroxide and ammonia. These chemicals are responsible to lose the natural color of your hair. If your hair has too much exposure to these chemicals, then it loses the luster of your hair leading to break down and eventual hair fall.

2. Causes Asthma-
If you have any respiratory issue, then it is advised not to undergo this hair coloring treatment as constant smelling of these chemicals like persulfates in the hair dyes triggers lungs problems and serious asthma problems.

3. Triggers Allergic reactions
The presence of allergen like paraphenylenediamine in the hair dyes can cause allergies. For example, if you are a patient with dermatitis or any other skin issue, then the allergens can severe your disease. Skin itching, irritation, redness, will occur.

4. Dangerous Effect on Pregnancy
It is to be taken seriously that never color your hair if you are pregnant as the chemical side-effects can seriously affect the baby in the womb.

Still, if you are too passionate about coloring your hair, you can choose other safe alternatives. I am sharing some of them here. You can use Henna as it naturally conditions your hair and gives a reddish look. Another alternative is the proper mix of lemon and honey. It simply lightens your hair. If you are in case suffering from any difficulties related to hair like over hair fall and scalp itching, consult the trichologist near you.

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