How does skin cancer look like?

  • We have discussed what is Skin cancer and how it can occur. Today the article is on how does the skin cancer look like or when you should consult your dermatologist. In common cases, skin cancer will appear on areas exposed to the sun. But for some, it can appear even on unexposed skin part. Early detection of skin cancer can help you in curing it easily. So for this, it is necessary that you should know how a skin cancer looks like. 

    Skin cancer can mostly happen in areas exposed to sun and also it affects any skin tone. The different types of skin cancer are

    Basal cell carcinoma
    Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Melanoma mostly is detected in areas that are least exposed to sun. For example, in women, it appears in the lower leg. In darker people, there are chances that melanoma can appear on even fingernails. Some of the symptoms are as follows

    A mole of any size that can change color, or size or even bleed
    Itching or burning painful lesions on the body
    Darker speckles covered brownish spot

    Basal Cell Carcinoma- This type of skin cancer occurs basically on areas exposed to sun like face and neck. If you have found the following symptoms on your body, then there are chances that you have basal cell carcinoma.

    A flesh-colored or brown flat scar-like lesion
    waxy bump on the skin
    A sore that itches or bleeds which go and then reappear.

    Squamous cell carcinoma mostly affects lips that are overexposed to sun. But it can also appear in face, ears, and hands. It appears as a red nodule and some may look like flat lesion with a crusted and scaly lesion. Thus watch out for these symptoms and consult your dermatologist soon if you have found these on your body.

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