How music helped me to treat patients! An experience of a dermatologist in Kochi

Since childhood, I was so passionate about music and loved playing a guitar. But now I have found out why I have become so close to music. As my career as a dermatologist in Kochi, I have experience treating many patients. Mostly these patients approach me with dangerous skin disease. We dermatologists in Kochi have high demand as there are more patients with skin disease. I used to be very empathetic with some of the patients. When I see their wounds and marks, I feel very sad. We dermatologists in Kochi can treat mind scars left by a skin disease. Back at home, in Kochi, I take my guitar and will try to make some magic with it. Then I found out music is the way to get positive vibes and I reflected that to patients also. Come! I will share some of my experience one by one


Strengthening Confidence of patients

As a doctor I believe, prescribing medicines is not just enough to treat a patient. Additionally, for a dermatologist in Kochi, one needs to build up the confidence of a patient. A patient with chronic disease may suffer from depression but it is the responsibility of a dermatologist to cure that. I got the strength from music to spread positivity to my patients. Slowly I saw many of them becoming improved after each session.


Music to remove the worry of patients

A dermatologist in Kochi must conduct certain surgeries or operations. In some cases, patients will be on half-anaesthesia only. Therefore wiping out their worry is essential while doing treatment. In my clinic, I have arranged a low tone voice music player. My patients responded well and were very comfortable. Thus, then I knew why I was close to music.


As a tool for spreading awareness

In my career as a dermatologist in Kochi, I had a heartbreaking experience. One of my skin patients died of HIV or Hepatitis B. But it had a shocking experience on me and I have decided to spread awareness. Since music was close to me, I have decided to make an album on spreading awareness on Hepatitis B. My music and video album was released in the name of ‘Dying People Dying’ which had a huge response. The media also helped me to support it.


In conclusion, music helped me in treating my patients effectively and to spread confidence in them.

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