How to Prevent Skin Cancer? Dermatologists say diet can help!

It is the month of May and the awareness on skin cancer will only be complete by mentioning the prevention ways. From the previous articles, we have understood what causes skin cancer and if the cause is known then appropriate preventive measures must be taken. As far as skin is concerned, the Ultra Violet rays are the main cause of skin cancer. These ultraviolet rays are the reason for generating free radicals causing mutation in the skin. This mutation causes inflammation to the skin and thereby skin cancer.

Thus it is clear that UV light is the main cause of skin cancer and the preventive measures must be taken to reduce the exposure with the harmful ultraviolet rays. The preventive measures are as follows

Avoid direct exposure with the sun rays.

Wear widened hats and use sunglass while out under the sun.

Most importantly use sunscreen lotions having SPF above 50 and broad spectrum.

Examine your skin periodically under a dermatologist

Never ignore a single unnecessary formation/lesions on the skin and understand how skin cancer looks like.

Avoid tanning beds

More than this, the dermatologist believes that dietary changes can help in preventing and curing skin cancer to a much extent. Dermatologist believes that certain dietary changes can help in solving the issue of skin cancer. The major cause of skin cancer is Ultra Violet rays and its exposure results in generating free radicals. Thus dermatologists suggest taking food that is rich in anti-oxidants and there is skin cancer prevention diet. The Antioxidants can help in depleting this free radical. Having certain nutrient-rich food can help in fighting not just skin cancer but all other types of diseases and cancer. Thus the skin cancer prevention diet should include

Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Omega 3 fatty acids, Polyphenols in tea, Selenium, Vitamin C, D, E, and Zinc.

Skin cancer is deadly as it affects the largest organ of the body. The death rates are also high in foreign countries and this triggers the need for measures to prevent it. Following the best preventive measures to fight ultraviolet rays can help to prevent skin cancer.

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