Top 3 Dermatologist in Kochi

Living in a metropolitan city, you wouldn’t have encountered any issues related to your beauty treatment. Holding some of the best service providers in the state, the city is always equipped to deal effectively with your requirements. When we talk about the Top 3 Dermatologist in Kochi there is a name that you shouldn’t miss out, and that is Dr. Shibu Mohammed. 



Dermatology is a medical field that deals with the study of the skin, hair, and nails, as well as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect them. A dermatologist is someone who has extensive knowledge about the field. He deals with diverse skin, hair, or nail conditions assuring quality treatment care and efficacious cure. Being listed as one among the top 3 dermatologists in Kochi, Dr. Shibu Mohammed examines the patient thoroughly. Analyses the nature of the issue and explores their family history as a part of the procedure. 

Dr. Shibu Mohammed

Dr. Shibu Mohammed is a Kerala-born dermatologist who holds impressive academic qualifications that include certifications from prestigious universities abroad. He is also specialized in Cosmetology, laser treatment, and hair transplantation.

He has got a fellowship from the University of Miami in Botox, Fillers, and Lasers. Dr. Shibu Mohammed has  also done a 3-year fellowship program at Nishi Nov Go Grad State of the University, Russia. Also, he has a fellowship in Dermato Surgery at Sheffield Hallam University, the U.K.

Although he has vast expertise and academic excellence his dream was to establish a clinic in his own motherland. Despite all the appreciation and awards he has received, his greatest ambition was to serve his native people with selfless care. As a part of that initiative, he started his first clinic in Kochi as Fascia SVSM Health Care. 

Fascia SVSM Health Care

Since its beginning in Kochi, Fascia SVSM Health Care has been offering admirable treatment support for everyone approaching us. Being noted as one of the top 3 dermatologists in Kochi, Dr. Shibu has been offering comprehensive treatment support for everyone. Get to know more about us by visiting our clinic, contact us now to book your appointments. 




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