Difficulties in Medical Practises

In this scenario, the Internet has let us understand a subject in detail and we always consult Google first for reviewing a subject. I have seen many patients who surf the internet to deeply analyse a disease and even they are ready to carry out the treatment mentioned on the internet. After attaining the knowledge about a disease from the Internet with a little chance of symptoms, some patients run into the hospitals and indulge in an argument with the doctors. I can spot many experiences where patients trust only on the internet and merely trust in doctors. Internet knowledge of diseases is acceptable but since this information is posted by various individuals with less or more knowledge, relying only on the internet solely is a danger.

Prior to the conduct of any treatment, a trusty doctor-patient relationship must be maintained throughout and is imperative for getting relief from a disease. Another difficulty in medical practices in a private hospital is the misuse of health insurance by patients. The hospital authorities must strictly check the genuinity of health insurance for creating a smooth flow of medical services.

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