Know about Liposuction for excess fat removal!

There are cases where the weight loss strategies, programs or dieting doesn’t work on the body. Medical technology has developed such that there are ways to remove the excess fat on the body without natural methods & medicine intake. Liposuction is one of such surgical procedures that use the technique of suction to remove the excess fat from a person’s body like hips, abdomen, arms/necks, buttocks, etc. But the fact is that this procedure cannot be seen as an alternative way of weight loss. This is for those patients whose body is not responding to weight loss strategies. The specific areas of the body develop excess fat and there may be no alternative other than liposuction. Apart from that, Liposuction also shapes these areas.

When you gain weight, what happens is that the number of fat cells increases in volume and size. Thus while doing Liposuction, the number of fat is reduced but it depends on the specific area and appearance of the fat. But this procedure will not remove stretch marks and will not be able to fix skin surface irregularities. Now, let’s see what happens during the procedure. This procedure demands only local anesthesia which leads to a temporary unconsciousness.

The dermatologist is the one who performs this procedure and while the surgery he marks the specific area where the fat needs to be removed. A small incision is made in a specific area where fat needs to be removed. Liposuction is not just for excess fat removal but it can also give a solution to excessive sweating. In armpits, the liposuction procedure is performed so as to remove the sweat glands found in the fat. Since a sweat gland is removed as such, this is a permanent solution for excessive sweating. After the surgery, there is a chance for swelling and get proper aftercare tips from your concerned dermatologist.

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