A Dermatologist has the solution for excessive sweating

Our hands used to sweat when the climate is hot or when we feel nervous but the person suffering from hyperhidrosis will sweat unnecessarily and it is considered as the abnormal behaviour of the body. In excessive sweating, the sweat glands will not shut down and that is even when you are in air condition, you will suffer from excessive sweating in hands. When you suffer excessive sweating in hands, it is called as palmar hyperhidrosis.

Patients are confused where to go for its treatment and which doctor has specialisation in this. Dermatologists are mostly consulted for treating excessive sweating. The best dermatologists can offer effective solutions in treating this as they are specialised in the science of Dermatology or study of skin. The sweat glands are responsible for excessive sweating.

Diagnosis by a Dermatologist

The questions a dermatologist asks is very important and the patient provides accurate answers which help in perfect diagnosis. A medical test is usually conducted like sweat test, making use of a sweat powder turning its colour so as to find out the extent of the sweating.

Treatment by a Dermatologist

Most of the dermatologist or a skin specialist suggest antiperspirants as a solution, which is the primary step. The strength administered depend on the extent of the sweating. When antiperspirants are applied to the skin, when sweating occurs, this gets absorbed by the skin and makes the sweat glands shut down thereby sending signals not to sweat. Consult your dermatologist if any side effects like irritation or burning sensation occur.

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