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dermatology and plastic surgery Center in Kochi

Are you excited to explore the leading skin clinic in Kochi?

Well for a city like Kochi which is known as the stylish capital of Kerala the demand for a reputed and reliable skincare clinic has always been high. For people who have been with us, Fascia SVSM Health Care is a symbol of trust and quality treatment. Associate to explore us in debt and you won’t regret sure it’s a guarantee.

According to Fascia, the skin is just like any other tissue that needs to be given extreme care. But many of us don’t show much interest in investing proper attention in skin health besides we take it for granted.

Being the outermost and the most delicate layer of the body anything relating to the skin has to be given prime importance.

Recognized as the leading skin care clinic in Kochi, Fascia SVSM Health Care offers comprehensive and quality rich cosmetology and dermatology services for our patients.

To guide us we have an expert and he is none other than the head of the Cosmetology and Dermatology department of Fascia SVSM Health Care Dr. Shibu Mohammed.

The name is quite familiar among all the celebrities and VIPs living in Kochi.

The skin care services that we offer at Fascia SVSM Health Care include:


Being titled as the leading skincare clinic in Kochi now it’s our responsibility to make sure that nobody has multiple opinions. We have always functioned in accordance with the values we uplifted we give prime priority to patient’s safety and anything relating to them would be treated with at most care and importance.


The skin is your beauty symbol and we at Fascia SVSM Health Care take the duty to ensure its effective health and efficient maintenance. Book your appointments now to explore and experience magnificent changes to your skin that we assure you.

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