Cancer is a  deadly disease and if it affects the largest organ of the body, Skin, then do you know what happens? May is the Skin cancer awareness month and read my articles to get more insights on Skin Cancer. Today I am going to give an overview of Skin Cancer.

It is said that Skin cancer is the most common cancer seen especially in woman aging between 15-29 and is considered most predominant in the USA. But luckily, we the Keralites are comparatively safe as our skin has more melanin content which is a safety factor for human skin. Do you know that this condition occurs when a mass proliferation of the skin cells occurs? Yes, this is how the condition starts. We can check out why curing & preventing Skin Cancer is necessary.

The villain behind Skin cancer is the UV light from the sun. The one who has high exposure with the sun is prone to Skin cancer. So, the theme of the Skin Cancer Awareness month is ‘USE A STRONG SUN PROTECTION’. The fairer population is equally prone to Skin Cancer as they have less melanin content. During sun exposure, our body reacts by producing more number of melanin, which actually acts as a barrier to harmful sun rays. This melanin content and production is very less in fairer people. For this reason, they use tanning beds.

This process does not happen in a single day. The Ultraviolet rays will damage skin over time and causes Skin cancer. The harmful UV rays damage the DNA  causing it to grow abnormally. Other than this there are many other causes. What you need to do in first hand is to buy a quality sunscreen and apply it timely while you are out under sun.

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