SKINCARE IS A RESPONSIBILITY! Follow these tips to have a great skin

It is our responsibility to care for our skin. Good skin is really an asset that gives immense confidence to face society and people. It is for sure that good and amazing skin is a real necessity for celebrities. But it is also an essential need for a normal person because the skin is prone to many diseases. Caring your skin doesn’t mean that you should work out for fair skin but you should take the effort to protect your skin from chronic diseases. But Skincare or protection is wrongly interpreted in most cases. Here I am sharing some right ways to protect your skin as well as hair because these are the most important part of a personality.

What are the daily right skincare routines?

When it comes to skincare, as long as you care it the result will come but the moment you stop caring your skin, you can expect the least results. First and foremost, your diet is a factor. Washing out toxins from the body is essential for great skin. Start your day with lukewarm water with a slice of fresh lemon in it. Also, if you are a person going out under the sun daily, then applying sunscreen is important. Sunscreen must have broad spectrum property to block even the harmful rays. Sun rays are so harmful to the skin. Thus always try to make a strong barrier between skin and sun rays. At night, make sure you take a bath before bed so as to control fungal infections. Moisturising your skin is important thus apply skin moisturizer before bed.

How to protect your skin from changing Weather?

Whatever be the weather, make sure you apply sunscreen. Make it a habit before going out under the sun. Drinking a lot of water is equally important to make your body hydrated. If there is extreme weather making your skin dry, then apply moisturizer intermittently. Clean and exfoliate your skin to get rid of dry and dead cells.

What to keep in mind before going to a beauty parlor?

A woman always relies on a facial to get glowing skin. Cleansing, exfoliation and removing blackheads, whiteheads are fine. But, applying bleach is a deadly danger. In first glance, your facial hair becomes whitened and your skin look well but in a longer run, it causes pigmentation. This is the reason why bride-to-be ladies run to a dermatologist to clear their pigmentation due to a bleach.

What to do in case of excessive hair loss?

Consult a dermatologist or trichologist to know the extent and severity of hair loss. They usually start with a vitamin tablet and hair serum. If the thickness of the hair is very less, then PRP treatment and if no hair, hair transplant is an option.

To summarise, if you care for skin, then it remains perfect. Also, skin health is more important than fairness. Try to get a healthy skin tone and continue caring for your skin and hair.

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