How my Fellowships & Degrees helped me progress my career as a Dermatologist?



For a Medical Professional to progress his career as well as treat society and people well, bagging MBBS degree is not enough. My passion for the Dermatology field of science triggered me to bag more fellowships and degrees. In fact, this helped me to know certain skin issues in detail and the advanced technology to heal it. I bagged the fellowships from international universities like Miami etc, while I was working as a Consultant Dermatologist in Oman, Muscat. Basically, I am a Diplomate in National Board (DNB) in Dermatology from Pushpagiri Medical College, Thiruvalla and also I am a Medical License holder of Specialist Dermatology in Sultanate of Oman.

My career had steep progress when I joined as a Consultant Dermatologist in Baddr Al Saama Hospital in Oman. I had exposure to many skin related issues and decided to do specializations for effectively serving society. My fellowships are as follows.

1. Master’s in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Botox, Fillers, and lasers 

The USA, March 2013 to 2016
Botox and Fillers are the advanced medications and treatment for Aging. The proper application of Botox and Fillers can help an individual to minimize the effects of aging on the skin. My fellowship in the field has helped many of my celebrity clients to maintain their beauty. 

Lasers are used mainly for alleviating various Skin issues or undesired formations on the skin.

2. Masters in Auto Hair Transplant from the USA, March 2013 to March 2016.

Hair transplant technology has wider demand as lots of people are facing difficulty in leading a life with the loss of hair. The Advanced methods of hair transplant technologies can help in the regrowth of hair.

3. Trained in Lasers from Casnigo, Italy in March 2014.

Laser technology is widely used in Dermatology for treating severe skin issues and it has lesser side-effects. I am specialized in handling lasers of various types for healing several health issues.

4. Trained in Botox, Fillers, PRP and Mesotherapy from Dubai 

PRP and Mesotherapy treatments are advanced treatments for hair regrowth and aging, wrinkles on face respectively.

5. Trained in lasers in Korea, March 2015

Special training in Lasers and its technology in curing various skin issues. 

These fellowships and degrees have helped me increase my skill and utilize my career for the welfare of society. I am glad that my treatments have worked well for many patients and still I am getting more patients who come seeking for advanced medical treatments in Dermatology and Trichology.

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