Skin diseases or dermatological problems are also exhibited by children. It is advised to treat chronic skin diseases under a pediatric dermatologist itself. Early detection and treatment of chronic diseases in children are essential. Pediatric Dermatology is a branch involving the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in children. A pediatric dermatologist conducts a proper diagnosis based on history with the advanced diagnostic medical tool. Also, an accurate diagnosis of the disease is a must for treatment. In addition, a basic understanding of some of the chronic skin diseases in children is a must. Some of the chronic diseases are


Rashes and Lesions in children

In paediatrics, a dermatologist completely examines the skin of a child and looks for the exact cause. Besides, analysing the shape and size of a rash can define the cause. Mostly, the rashes are the cause of diaper usage. Not only parents are providing low-quality diapers to their children but also they are not taking care to change it periodically. Follow the tips given by an expert pediatric dermatologist on diaper usage.


Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis

Infants suffer from this chronic disease, Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis. Dermatologists in the pediatric department are well aware of the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Children in the age of 3-5 years are more prone to these diseases. Furthermore, exposure to irritants like sweat, saliva and other moisture content is the cause. Administering antiinflammatory agents and antibiotics are suggested for primary cases.


Warts and Molluscum

Warts are usually the contagious infection of the skin and most of the physicians fail to recognise it. Therefore this is where a pediatric dermatologist comes into play. Some of the treatments like cryosurgery, tropical cantharidin is an option.

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