What to know about Dry skin? How can we get rid of it?

Who doesn’t dream of a soft and young skin? Dryness on your skin can ruin your beauty and skin health to a much extent. Also, it causes unnecessary itching. In order to get rid of dry and scaly skin, dermatologists suggest few tips. But before that understanding the causes and symptoms of dry skin are necessary. More than the younger generation, the chances of dry skin occurrence is for older ones as they may lack necessary natural oils and lubricants in their skin.

Why dry skin is a risk?
The top layer or epidermal layer of skin is composed of natural proteins, fat, lipids. These proteins are the factors helping to prevent skin dehydration. And the lack or diminishing of these proteins is the reason for dehydration or loss of moisturizer in the skin. If skin becomes dry, then it is at high risk and prone to rashes and skin breakdown. Medically, the condition of the dry skin is called Xerosis. The causes of dry skin must find out and it can be many depending on several factors.

Causes of Dry skin
There are different causes for dry skin and it can be internal or external. The external factors include climate, low humidity during winter, cold temperature. The internal factors can be overall health, age, genetics, family history, after effects of any medication, etc. Overuse of hand sanitizer, detergents, etc can be a cause. Dry skin is associated with diabetes, thyroid issues, or eczema.

How can we treat Dry skin?
Dermatologist’s suggestion is that with best skin care and proper medication, we can get rid of dry skin. In most of the cases, the dry skin is caused by external factors and thus we can apply some external medications to the skin. First of all, start using a medicated moisturizer. If the extent of dryness is high, the chance for itching and rashes is high. Consult your dermatologist if you find your skin is overly dry. Dermatologists perform skin biopsy tests for understanding the extent of dryness. Proper medications will be given by your dermatologist or skin expert.

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