How does obesity turn into a villain for skin?

We know one thing that obesity or weight gain is really unpleasant for the body with respect to health as well as appearance.  Do you know one thing that some kind of skin diseases or conditions can fade away just by losing excess weight? This is one of the key advice I used to tell to my patients.  If you lose your excess weight or fat from your body, then these symptoms will disappear to a greater extent. In some cases, exercises and weight loss therapies work well for curing any skin conditions. Let’s understand how obesity affects your skin’s health.

One such case is for Acanthosis Nigricans which are the dark patches that form on the skin. The increased weight gain leads to insulin resistance and it is the reason for the formation of these dark patches. In obese people, the unnecessary insulin that builds up results in mass reproduction of epidermal cells which appear as these dark patches. Acanthosis Nigricans usually form on knees, armpits, neck, elbows, etc. These are really undesirable in appearance and people usually mistake it as hyperpigmentation. If the patient is able to lose his/her weight, then these patches will slowly start to fade away. There are treatments like chemical peels and some cream applications to reduce this. 

The common case where weight gain affects the skin is the presence of stretch marks. Stretch mark increase if weight increases and these marks become reddish or purple after some period. On reducing the weight, the skin becomes saggy which is again undesirable. There are treatments which focus to remove these stretch marks like laser treatment and chemical peeling etc.
For obese people, the excess fat stored in the body alters the skin’s ability to control water loss from the epidermis. Because of these reasons, the skin becomes uncontrollably dry. 

Thus it is imperative for obese people or those who are gaining weight to consult a skin specialist or dermatologist. There are treatments in dermatology to remove the marks or patches that occur due to obesity but controlling and losing your weight must be given prior importance.

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