Watch out for Sunburns!

We always used to prefer window seats for long travels and are on a hurry to book the same on various conveyances. But, please beware on this summer! The intensity of the heat is too strong and it is enough to burn your skin. It is not just your skin but also it is dangerous for your hair and eye. We can’t avoid necessary travels but can take some precautions to protect our skin from these harsh sunbeams. 

1. Avoid traveling seating near to window space.
2. Avoid traveling between 10 am to 4 pm as sunbeams are stronger during this time.
3. While going out under the sun, please make sure you apply a medicated sunscreen.
4. Wear Sun glass to protect your eyes.
5. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
6. Try to cover your face and hair with a cloth or cap respectively.
7. Consult your Dermatologist for any special care.

This summer is too dangerous for us and it is always in our hands to care for our skin and hair. Act wisely this summer.

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