Watch for your Scars, it can turn into bigger ones, Keloids

Our skin gets scars due to any injuries or burns. But, have you seen it develop into a bigger one? Yes, there are cases of the same. If you have found your scars are developing into larger ones than your wounds, then your skin is keloid-prone. This is a kind of skin imperfection that needs a solution. This why because, for a keloid-prone skin, any scars due to injuries, burns or incision develop into a larger wound on the surface of the skin. In some rare cases, keloid can form on its own and that is called Spontaneous Keloid. Do not get afraid of Keloid as they won’t develop into cancer growths.

The size and shape of Keloids vary from the area where it appears. If you want to visualize how it looks, then imagine you have poured a liquid on to your skin and it solidifies. The color may vary, sometimes it can be red, or brown. A patient may find it difficult and feel uncomfortable to move his/her body parts where the keloid has fully formed. Also, it may cause itching. Thus seeking proper treatment is necessary.

A dermatologist performs the diagnosis by simply looking at this and may opt a step by step procedure for Keloid treatment. Depending on the patient, the treatment method can vary. Laser, Surgical removal, steroid injections, cryotherapy, etc. This disease is commonly seen for Africans and rare for Indians.

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