Confused about choosing the best Dermatologist in Kochi? Follow these tips

The moment you see any undesirable marks on your skin, your brain will think, ‘Who is the best Dermatologist in the city?’. You may rush to any skin specialist and get some medicines without even knowing the genuineness of the dermatologist. Working as a dermatologist in Kochi, I have found many patients, especially ladies, approaching for curing the side effects of any medicines. In most cases, they prescribe medicines without understanding the patient’s health. The life and travel in cities like Kochi can always cause skin disease. But, the patients run for any dermatologist. One thing they need to understand is that not all dermatologists are equal. You need to find a dermatologist who can resolve your skin problems. Choosing the best dermatologist in Kochi is made easy with these tips.


Confirm genuineness  of the dermatologist

Nowadays any individual with a medical degree can start a clinic. Thus they may be having less practice and knowledge. Therefore before you go to consult a dermatologist, ensure that he is genuine or not. Confirm his educational qualification. The best way is to understand whether that doctor is certified from the American Board of Dermatology. Also, this university is the best and I had blessings to take a fellowship from there.


Consult a dermatologist who spends time for you

It is commonly seen at many hospitals that doctors make rushed appointments. A perfect dermatologist or skin care specialist should not make a hurry consultation with any patients. They must make a detailed enquiry with you. Thus, the doctor will get a basic idea of the actual cause. Do not go after a dermatologist in Kochi who makes hurry consultation. In addition, do not think as they make rushed appointments, they are on high demand. Choose the dermatologist who has time to spend on you.


The dermatologist who is ready for after-hours care

The best dermatologist is the one who is ready for after-hours care. That is must available on call for meeting emergency needs of his/her patients. If you are suffering from side effects of any medicine, then your dermatologist must be there for you to help. Moreover, he/she must be available to treat after-hours also. This becomes important for treating children with skin diseases.


In conclusion, always look for a dermatologist with these qualities.

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