PSORIASIS HAS AN EFFECTIVE ANSWER-‘BIOLOGICAL THERAPY’, Dr. Shibu Mohammed is one of the dermatologists to provide the treatment

Dermatologist in Kochi, Dr. Shibu Mohammed is treating Psoriatic patients with the most advanced & latest treatment for Psoriasis ‘BIOLOGICAL THERAPY’ that is done currently by only a few doctors in Kerala. This therapy has far greater results than traditional treatments and also is done to patients as final treatment. Let’s understand why this treatment is so effective and preferable for Psoriasis. There may be patients who are looking for an answer to free their skin from the clutches of this deadly disease.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is causing inflammation and proliferation to the skin mainly seen on elbows, knees, or scalps. This is a common disease characterized by scaly patches of skin, red in color. It is considered as one of the most deadly diseases of the skin, where patients seek for different effective treatments. Both genetic and environmental factors play a major role as causes. But, the bad news is that about 20-30 % of the patients are having severe disease. The prevailing traditional treatments are targeting only to clinically improve the disease without uprooting its main cause. Based on the deeper understanding of the pathology of the disease, the recent advancements immunology has introduced a new group of drugs called ‘BIOLOGICALS’. This treatment targets the basic pathogenic process.

Also, it must be noted that Biological Therapy is mostly reserved for severe Psoriasis. The therapy includes the drugs which are basically the proteins produced by living organisms that can target the specific cause of the pathogenic process. The advantages of this therapy are it is less toxic with fewer side-effects and can drastically improve the quality of life in psoriatic patients.

In Kerala, the availability of this procedure is limited and hence is only done by a few doctors. Dr. Shibu Mohamemed, the consultant dermatologist in Renai Medicity Kochi provides Biological Therapy to Psoriatic Patients.

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