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People become more cautious when they deal with illness or treatments related to their skin. They would always prefer noninvasive procedures that assures a faster recovery for their problems. Despite, the surgical procedures that offers a comprehensive cure non-surgical process tends to have got much acceptance. Thread lifts are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses temporary sutures (threads) to rejuvenate facial tissue or lift the skin. Thread lift procedures trigger a natural healing response. Being known as the best cosmetology center in Kochi, Fascia SVSM Health Care offers a comprehensive protection to your skin.

Those who have undergone the treatment will have medical-grade sutures (threads) inserted under the skin into designated areas that requires a lifting such as the cheek, neck etc. After threads and their barbs are anchored, these threads will be pulled up to get the required outcome. The skin in the affected areas will promote more collagen production, making the skin denser and more elastic thus restoring volume and improving the skin’s texture. As a result, the skin receives a natural aesthetic outlook.

During the initial period post treatment, the patient will experience swelling and bruising which settles within days.

Post-procedure care includes the following …

  • Avoiding vigorous rubbing of the treated area
  • Avoiding excessive mouth movements such as biting into food
  • Keep skin and hair clean

Apart from the traditional method, thread lift only requires normal anaesthetic application to numb the areas to be treated and the entire procedures will be over within an hour.

One revolutionary technology that has made thread lift procedures a lot safer and less invasive is the discovery of absorbable sutures. These sutures are easily broken down by the body as a result it doesn’t interfere with any other procedures which you have to perform in the same area. Also you can perform multiple thread lifts if necessary.


Types of threads

The 3 major types of threads available are; polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCA).

PDO Threads are synthetic biodegradable polymer that has been used in surgery for many years. The sutures are absorbed into the body for several months by hydrolysis and work by triggering fibroblasts to increase the collagen production at the target area. Hence, the effects of the threads therefore last longer than the life of the threads. There are three major types of PDO threads that are widely used they are; mono, cog and screw threads.

Polylactic acid (PLA) polylactic acid sutures promote the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Anchored near the corner of the mouth or along the brows. Gives a small lift ideal for collagen stimulation enhancing skin firmness.

Polycaprolactone (PCA) PCA threads are the latest among the group and are bio-absorbable, monofilament suspension threads of synthetic origin (caprolactone). They functions by regenerating collagen over a longer time than PDO and PLA threads.

Noted as the best cosmetology center in Kochi, Fascia SVSM Health Care offers a holistic approach towards the effective care of your skin. Associate with us to experience exceptional treatment benefits for your requirements.

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