Botox, an answer to delay ageing on the skin?

When we get older, the first impression is exhibited by the largest organ of our body, skin. Ageing is spotted as wrinkles or loosening of skin. When our skin loses elasticity, it becomes thinner and drier, making one look aged. It is a natural process and most of them realise it but with pain and discomfort in the mind. The wrinkles remind us that we are no longer younger and our skin is exhibiting that. But for some people, ageing effects can have major disadvantages to their career or life like the actors or performers. There is a remedy in the medical world to combat the issue. Patients must consult a dermatologist for treating wrinkles.

Botox is a medicine prepared from Botulin is used commonly to treat certain muscular conditions and in cosmetology to temporarily paralyse facial muscles. The traits of Botox is used for treating wrinkles and thus as an anti-aging element by dermatologists. Anti-ageing treatments are becoming a trend these days just like we go for a facial. In Kerala too people are adopting this and the presence of best dermatologists in Kochi, the busy city is attracting people around the world to undergo Botox injections. One can consult one best dermatologist for undergoing the process. Administering Botox injections at a certain location on the face can make the muscles paralyse thereby preventing wrinkles. Dermatologists have observed that applying botox can have longer effects on the face. It is the safest treatment and the process must be administered under the guidance of the best dermatologist or skin care specialist only.

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