Are you getting cheated at Beauty parlors? Get advice from Best dermatologist in Kochi

Are you a constant visitor of any beauty parlor? do you know what kind of products are used?. In Kerala, as per some of the best dermatologists in Kochi, there are so many beauty parlors without certifications or have staffs with little knowledge of skin. Therefore when you visit them for improving skin, they apply some of the chemicals on your face without understanding your skin. As a result, many come to dermatologists in Kochi for treating the side-effects. I have seen many patients who approach for treating acne or infections after undergoing facials. Additionally, do you know any permanent methods to improve skin under a beautician? Definitely no, as it is the doctors or dermatologists, able to fix that. Let us find out for what all cases you can approach a dermatologist instead of a beautician. Skin improvement has a better result under a dermatologist.


For treating pigmentation

People, usually women go to a beauty parlor for improving their skin tone or color. If your skin is black, you will go for a facial to get fairer skin. But, this is foolishness as applying facial is not a solution for pigmentation. In Kochi, dermatologists are on a rise and they can offer chemical peel or laser treatment for pigmentation.


For removing pimples

Due to pollution in Kochi, a majority of women has pimples. Of which some may due to food but it is not understood yet why these people approach a beauty parlor. Taking reviews from dermatologists in Kochi, if women go to a beauty parlor for treating pimples, then the chance of infection is higher.


For removing wrinkles

Why are you wasting your money on anti-aging treatments in parlors? For prolonged and safe results, only a dermatologist can help you. In a modern city like Kochi, the dermatologists are high on demand because to look young is what the city people love to be. Best dermatologists in Kochi will suggest facial rejuvenation techniques like PRP treatment and botox.

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