My valuable client, miss Parvathy(Model) with her beautiful hair after PRP treatment

I am really surprised by the transformation of my dearest client miss Parvathy, a model by profession. She has undergone PRP Treatment under my consultation for hair re-growth naturally. As a dermatologist and hair re-growth specialist, I am really excited to see her change and very happy to know that I had a major role in this transformation. For a model, it is very important that she needs a great hair. I really appreciate miss Parvathy for being patient till the completion of the treatment. And, she was very determined to get her hair back naturally. It was the magic of PRP or Plasma-rich Platelet treatment that makes hair growth naturally with the help of growth proteins in plasma-rich blood.

I strongly suggest PRP treatment for hair re-growth. It is the most effective and natural hair loss treatment method. People consult many skin clinics in Kochi for undergoing hair loss treatment. As a dermatologist in Kochi, I really understand how much demand this treatment has in the city. In PRP treatment or platelet-rich-plasma, the growth factors in platelets are utilized for hair growth treatments. The platelets in the blood are clotting agents and also contains growth factor proteins. The blood collected from the patient body is centrifuged to separate platelet-rich plasma from red and white blood cells. This is injected onto the scalp of the patient which triggers natural hair growth. This treatment is administered to the patient once every month and must be continued for 6 months.

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