Is it possible to remove Birthmarks? Get help from child skin specialist/Pediatric Dermatologist

When some children are born, they are born with a birthmark or may develop it after birth. These marks are now common in children. What we do if your child has a skin allergy? We will run to a dermatologist. But, if the presence of birthmarks is troubling your child in facing the society, then it is the time to consult a child skin specialist. You may think why I should take my child to a pediatric dermatologist when I know a specialist for years?. But, if you do so and ask them to treat for any skin related issues, they will suggest you a Pediatric Dermatologist. The reason behind this is that it is out of their area of expertise.


A pediatric Dermatologist is well-trained in handling and treating skin problems in children. Their skin clinic and treating techniques will be kid-friendly. A pediatric dermatologist helps the children to feel comfortable while consulting. I have faced concerns and questions of many parents in removing birthmarks of their child. Working as a dermatologist in Kochi at Renai Medicity, let me discuss some of them.


When and why does birthmark trouble you?

Birthmarks are born with an individual. The birthmarks which remained silent in childhood time will start showing its negative effects in adolescence. A child will feel disturbed when his/her friends start teasing him/her. If the birthmark is unfortunately formed on the face of the child, then it needs removal. Thus, a pediatric dermatologist must also take care of the emotion of the child. Moreover, if we see a child skin specialist handling a child with skin allergy, he is so comfortable with the doctor.


Are birthmarks harmful?

In most cases, the birthmarks are not harmful. Also, some may fade away as the child grows up. But still, some may grow big, making child and parent tensed. A child skin specialist will decide for complete removal depending upon the location of the mark.


Is it possible to remove birthmarks permanently?

Yes, it is possible to remove birthmarks. Doctors use specially designed lasers for removing birthmarks. Therefore, by doing so the chance of these birthmarks to come again is ruled out. A good child skin specialist can carry out this without causing pain to the child.

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