Summer is here! Your feet too need care in summer

Do you feel like freeing your feet from shoes this summer? Beware, walking barefoot is a bad idea in this summer. We all know how to care for our skin in summer. But, at the same time, we forget to care our feet. Daily foot care is important to protect your feet from infections and blisters. Also, a pretty foot is a dream of many. In summer, foot care must be given prime importance. Summer is the time people prefer flip-flop sandals. But, your feet are not safe. Let’s see what are some of the simple foot care tips.


What to do with blisters?

You may wear even the most irritable sandals, only because it is fashionable. Here the danger to your feet comes in the form of blisters. Blisters are small fluid-filled pores, which occurs due to friction chafing between feet and rough surface. If not treated properly, these blisters can damage your skin or lead to infection. If you find blisters on your feet, clean the area with Dettol and apply any ointment.

Beware of cracked feet

Your feet look absolutely attractive in high heels, but what about the cracked heels? Especially in summer, the chances are higher because the heat will make your skin dry and cause cracking. Thus, it is imperative to watch out for cracked feet. Make sure you exfoliate your feet with pumice stone twice in a week.

Always wear supportive shoes

Going after fashion is trending these days. It is also applicable while selecting sandals. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals. Also, never try to walk barefoot in summer as your feet are prone to rashes and infections.

Summer is the time, your feet are prone to rashes and infections. Hot temperature can induce the growth of virus, bacteria, and fungus. Follow essential night care tips like cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing etc. Thus, give equal importance to feet & care it as it comes always with you a long way.

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