CosmetologyThere is an effective way to reduce wrinkles and give your skin a brightening effect. Dermatologists use V carbon for answering many of the skin issues faced by women. V Carbon peel has multi-benefits to the skin and is the most effective one for removing wrinkles, pigmentation, and tightening the skin. It is the first anti-aging peeling with activated carbon made up of 2 products that are V carbon film and e V carbon spray. The reason why it is effective is that V carbon facial is a medium/deep penetrating peeling treatment. Also, V carbon can be used with a combination of Q switched laser treatments. Carbon has purification and detoxing property.


Do you know how the procedure is done? The V carbon in liquid form is applied on the face and this penetrates deep into the skin. Since carbon is highly attracted to the light, the laser beam on the face is easily captured by the carbon particles. These carbon particles absorb the contaminants in the skin and while the laser light destroys the carbon particles, the contaminants will also get rid off from the face. There are other natural exfoliating agents like

Ferulic Acid
Mandelic Acid
Lactic Acid

These have regeneration, and brightening quality. Along with this, the V Carbon facial/peeling includes antioxidants.  components like Black ginger extract, Liquorice extract. The laser deeply penetrates the skin and stimulates collagen productions. This is how it tightens the skin and removes wrinkles from the face. The carbon spray is used to regulate the depth of treatment as it blocks the action of the film and at the same time, gives an immediate lifting effect.

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